Nobile Italia SpA, in cooperation with the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), is pleased to inform you that it will contribute to the realization of the lighting design concept of CASA ITALIA, headquarters of Italian Olympic team, on the occasion of Rio Olympics Games 2016.

Nobile Italia SpA was born about 30 years ago as manufacturer of outdoor lighting fittings. Today Nobile Italia SpA is leader in the realization of LED lighting fittings and is operating successfully in Italy and abroad. The Research and Development Office in Rome designs products that, in cooperation with the Technical and Quality Office in Milan, are checked and certified in compliance to European Norms.

The Company, that is continuously evolving in the design and technology field, is getting into the game of this important challenge.

In cooperation with Fabertechnica and Marco Frascarolo, lighting designer and owner of the lighting studio, Nobile Italia SpA will supply a series of products for the lighting project CASA ITALIA, that will enhance the environments, perfectly integrating the same into the architecture, thanks to LED technologies characteristics.

The products will includes track lights, downlights, LED strips and outdoor products that will light several places as the Press-Room, the Lounge, the Executive Offices, the outdoor landscape and the upper Terrace.



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